Deloitte Technology Learning Day

Since May, I've been working on coordinating Learning Day for the Technology group at work. And 2 weeks before it was set to happen, I changed jobs. It was tough... I felt like I was pregnant for 9 months and didn't go through the delivery. But one of my work buddies invited me to join them for their end of day wrap-up, which was so fun! The theme for the day was "rock star" with concert tickets, backstage passes, concert t-shirts and Rock Band as the group activity. I even got to play Rock Band for a few minutes (96% on Medium level vocals for Message in a Bottle, thank you very much :). Looks like it was a great success, thanks to the organizing committee. And I did get my "crew" t-shirt :) :) :) Here's the icon that appeared on all coms materials and t-shirts.

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