A seemingly very long run

I ran the Terry Fox Run today 1.7 times. Since it was my long run day anyway (goal: 2hr run), and I was with some friends who were walking, I had figured I had time to run some extra kms. It felt incredibly slow; the temperature was muggy and hot; I felt like I was running through molasses.

Once I finished the first 10k, I decided to take a short break and figure out if I could keep going. My 10k time was just under 54 mins, which is about 4 mins faster than my personal best for a 10k to date. That's odd. The course must be short. 'Cause there is no way that I was running that fast.

After 5 mins, I decided to head back out and do the long leg of the course a second time (from Carleton U to Pretoria Bridge and back). I took my time again, getting passed by runners every so often and thinking, yeah I don't care this is my second pass! :) I finally finished having run a total of 1h45mins.

I mapped the run using my favourite running website (Map My Run) and surprisingly, the course was actually just under 10k (9.84k). So I ran 16.7kms today in 105 mins, averaging a pace of 6:20 mins/km. Turned out to be a great time for an early training run (for me anyway)... and here I thought it was one of my worst runs ever!

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