Blogging at Starbucks for free :)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a complete Starbucks nut. Not that I can afford to go more than once or twice a week, but I have ways of getting my Starbucks deliciousness as often as possible.

1. You can buy those fantabulous syrups they put in their super-caffa-yumma-lattes. Only $10 a bottle, which = 30 flavour shots.

2. I have a milk frother at home: a real pump-style one (like a coffee bodum but with a frother attachment). Not one of those dollar-store battery-operated wimpy things that stir your coffee for you. This means I can make flavoured cappucinos, lattes and mistos.

3. Secret Starbucks drink alert! For half the price of a latte, you can order a misto which is 1/2 brewed + 1/2 steamed milk. Voila... poor man's latte! ;)

4. I have a cappucino maker at home. My hubby got it in a silent auction at a charity event. Paid about half price for it. Love it. Use it every day.

5. Get a Starbucks card. I'm going to write that again: Get a Starbucks card now. Why you ask? The benefits. It's a reloadable card you plunk money on and use at the cash. It's fast and you get a bunch of free stuff with it:
  • free flavour shots
  • free milk options (lactose-free in my case)
    Just those 2 options means I can get $1 off any latte. So for every 3 I buy on my card, basically the 4th is free.
  • 2 hrs of free wi-fi per day (using mine right now!)
  • But the kewlest thing is that if you use it a couple times per week or more, every so often Starbucks will load it for you. $10 free bucks here and there just for using a card that has your money on it.
So I am going to step off my little Starbucks soapbox now and get back to the business at hand: blogging wonderful geeky gadgets you came to find out about, via my free Wi-fi connection. Cheers!

UPDATE: I forgot one last advantage (I'll stop after this, I promise!). If you travel to the US and the dollar is low, load up your Starbucks card. They will take face value off your card without conversion. So you put $20CAD on your card, and you can buy $20USD worth of drinks.

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