Ugly but obsecenely expensive Xmas trees

Two jewelers have created what I think are just about the ugliest possible decorations on the planet. Just checking: we're in a recession, right?

First: The World's Most Valuable Christmas Tree by Steve Quick Jeweler. Contains 5 pounds of solid 18 karat gold, 250 carats of diamonds and topped with a 4.52 carat round brilliant cut diamond set in a platinum star. Apparently valued at over $500,000.00, at least this pretentious bit of excess has been put to good use: they filed for a Guiness certification and auctioned it off with the proceeds going to the American Cancer society.

Second: Another incredibly expensive (and even uglier) tree by japanese jewellery maker Ginza Tanaka. Made of 24K gold, with diamonds, pearls and a solid gold star. Oh, and it's worth 150million yen or CAD$1.86Million .

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