CES: Loc8u child-finder

Got this one hot off the newswire: Loc8u is a location-finding firm (GPS, anyone?) which is launching a funky little product for keeping kids safe in crowds. It's called Nu•M8 (read: new-mate), basically a little watch-type gizmo you put on your kid that they can't take off without a special tool. So wherever your little one goes, so does the Nu•M8. And if someone tries to force it off, it sends out an alert to your email or PC. The Dude was such a wanderer when he was a toddler, this would have eased my mind on some outings. Granted, I tried to never let him out of my sight, but kids will be kids... and this sounds great for theme parks and the like.

To find out more, check them out at International CES, January 8-11, Stand no: 5520 North Hall, LVCC or visit Loc8u.

Update: Typo on my part - the link works, but the name of the company is Lok8u (with a K).

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