CES update: 3D car designing tool for kids

Anyone who has ever met the Dude knows that he is alllllll boy. Hot Wheels, Lego, Magnetix, MythBusters... our house is full of them. So this is probably going to be his next favourite website.

Webcarzz just announced an upcoming online 3-D car designing tool called "Carstructor". It's a fun, simple interface which gives kids the ability to transform essentially 2 blocks and 4 circles into a custom vehicle.

According to the press release, "CarStructor empowers kids to stretch and pull the cubes’ corners in three dimensions, as well as widen, narrow, shorten or lengthen the wheels. In addition to cars and trucks, kids can also construct unique jets and motorcycles." Kids can design and share their vehicles in the gallery, where they can even be voted on.

Looks like fun! It's still in closed Beta, but you can email them for more info: info@webcarzz.com.

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