The Magic Helmet: Boy makes plea to Hockey Parents

Kids are awesome. Especially kids who have the courage to take a stand when they see something wrong. This all started with a class assignment (don't they all?) back in 2006. Young Miller Donnelly decided to address the issue of yelling in the arena. Specifically, from the parents in the stands.

"When I put on my magic helmet... they treat me like I've been playing hockey for 15 years... and yell at me when I make a mistake... but when I play in a toque they treat me nicely... These magical helmets are clearly not good for hockey."

His dad decided to record it to share with family and posted it on YouTube. And guess what? It's been viewed over 85,000 times. It's been shown at hockey games. He's been in the national paper (CBC Sports). He even won his school-wide speech competition with his story.

It's been 2 years since it was filmed and the term "magic helmet" is still being used by parents to remind each other to relax and lay off the kids.

The video, message and delivery are fantastic. And he's an excellent speaker, to boot!

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