Kewl site alert:

Remember waaay back in 1999 when Ananova was the neatest thing that came along in online news? Back when she was an avatar who read the news? There was a huge debate between whether people wanted to watch and listen to real people like me who were making online news videos (KSN News! streamed over as low as 14.4kbps!) or an avatar using a text reader and an awkward-sounding robot voice. Well, now everyone just streams their news online and now there's HD video on YouTube.

Regardless, I still love those text reader technologies and found one that I can use myself to make videos: They're totally fun. You can choose avatars, backgrounds, voices, camera angles, make the avatar do actions... luvit!

Saw one earlier that used a bunch of Tweets to make a conversation between 2 people. This one is my earlier blog post, "A latte and a side of guilt, please" as read by "American Woman 1" voice from

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