A latte and a side of guilt, please

Saw this in an article on The Huffington Post yesterday. Brian Merchant of Green Planet did a little math to figure out how much water really goes into a coffee shop latte. I was truly intrigued by his result of 53 gallons.

Anyway, I still do frequent coffee shops so I was curious about the numbers. When you consider the water used to grow the coffee, the sugar cane, make the cups and lids, and finally actually brew the coffee, yes it does add up.

Truth be told, I only visit the mothership Starbucks on a weekly basis. In fact I buy the syrup and make my own lattes at home every morning using my very efficent cappuccino machine, and bringing them to work in my re-usable thermal mug. (See my previous post re. Starbucks cards and syrups).

It's quite incredible really, that we might try to recycle, but prevention and re-use have to factor into our green efforts as well. How often do you get take-out coffee? Do you bring your own mug?

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