Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kewl Charity Alert: Common Cents

In 1991, a little girl named Nora asked her Dad if they could take a homeless man home. Her dad, touched by her desire to reach out and help a man in need, started asking the folks in his building to save their pennies. That one act has become a charity that involves students from across the US, called Common Cents. The campaign is called the "Penny Harvest".

It's ingenious: Common Cents provides training to schools/ teachers to run the program and the kids work on getting all the pennies they can round up. The money all goes back into the community! For now the charity focuses on schools, but also welcomes donations from the general community to help pay for training and logistics of day-to-day operations.

Right now, Common Cents seem to be focusing on the US, but I'm sure we can figure something out here in Canada...


Judi said...

Hey -

Awesome charity concept, to be sure! In this post:; we showed that if we could collect 1 penny from online gamers, we could feed 96 underprivileged, families of 4 for a year!

It would be great to find a coordinating body for the idea... I'd do it, but where does one start!

Thanks Spydergrrl...

spydergrrl said...

There's another charity, based in Ottawa, that a friend pointed me to: One Dollar Nation. The idea is that they only ask for one dollar per month. Brilliant.

I'll blog about this one in the coming days.