Slightly random: list of my fave baby items

Ok, so this might seem to be off-topic but bear with me. We were among the first of our friends to have a baby, almost 6 yrs ago. Now that more of them are heading into parenthood, we've been requested to put together a list of our favourite things and the items we thought to be completely useless. I wanted to store it somewhere for posterity, so where better than online? So I posted the list on Google Docs and made it public: Baby equipment.

The one thing about baby equipment is that you never buy the right stuff. I know that each person is different, but this is what worked (and didn't) for us. Some stuff was surprising: I thought kids would use toys but realised they were completely irrelevant in the first year, and I thought I wouldn't need some of the gimmicks but give me a baby swing any day of the week to calm down a sleepless child.

Anyway, hope it can help you if you're in the parenting stage or (gift-giving stage ;) Otherwise, ignore this post and I apologize for the transgression... Now back to the geeky stuff!

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