Unexpected find: Double-decker transit buses and an OC Transpo fanboy site?

OC Transpo Double-decker busSo this post was going to be all about the shiny new OC Transpo double-decker buses and how it's kinda kewl but sorta scary considering you know, it's Ottawa and we have snow and sleet and black ice and stupid drivers and I can just picture one of those tipping over into a snowbank.

But then, something totally threw me for a loop. In my search for a photo of said shiny happy double decker buses, I found a site. A site that, frankly, surprised me. A site called: "OC Transpo Enthusiast page". Enthusiast. Really? Wow.

The site bears the following message on its homepage: "Welcome to OC Transpo Enthusiast Page. This web site is dedicated to all bus and transit enthusiasts." Now this isn't about the green side of transit, but about being a fan of transit in general. It's got tech specs and photos of the different bus types, photos of buses in ad wraps, even a section dedicated to the types of signage on the front of buses (to denote the route name and number). Who knew???

Ok, so yes, there are funky new buses at OC Transpo of the double-decker variety and there are possibly safety concerns. Blah blah blah. Seriously? Enthusiast? I had no idea that transit companies had fanboys...

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