Virtual Nag

Nagger logoGot a wife? Need one? (I can say this b/c I am one!)

Anywho, Nagger is offering a free nagging service via email. Just enter your errand and the time/date you need it, and it will literally nag you by sending you an email every 15 minutes. Now while this might cause some people to throw their precious Blackberries across the room, there is an out; you can tell Nagger to stop bugging you when you get fed up - which kind of defeats the purpose.

How do I use Nagger? I prefer Outlook Tasks for work reminders and Google Calendar SMS messages for personal reminders. But I DID use it to send a test reminder to Hubby for this post, reminding him to put the laundry in the dryer. The catch with sending this to someone else's email addy is that they have to validate the initial email thereby accepting to be nagged. How do you think this one turned out? 20 mins later, Hubby's still on the couch and clothes is still in the washer...

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