Would you create a Google Profile?

Online communicationsSo I was checking out the new Google Profile functionality and it kind of creeps me out. It's like setting up a Facebook profile that anyone can access, which I would never do. There are certain things I want the world to know, certain types of information I want to keep relatively private. And some of the questions make me wonder if this isn't just a great way for thieves to perform some identity theft.

Now I'm not naive, I've Googled myself. I've checked every link in my results because there aren't many, and not all of them are me. I also know that my professional and personal online interactions are somewhat separated. That's on purpose. But Google profile links your blogger self with your personal history (where have I lived/ worked/ gone to school...) It's optional info, but it's still just a little too open for my liking. It would be different if, like on social networks, you could lock down your information and provide access approval upon request (like adding friends). That way you can show up in the search result listings, but not everyone can see your whole profile.

For now, I think I'll pass on the Google Profile. I like being online but I also like the illusion of control I pretend to have over my other social networking profiles... What about you? Have you set up a profile? Do you feel more exposed that in social networking sites?

To find out more about Google Profiles, check out the article on the Google Blog. If you're interested in setting up your profile, visit Google Profile.

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