The cutest little AT-AT in all the land

At-At at Disney Hollywood Studios Source:SpydergrrlIf you've had a crappy day, what do you like to do? Curl up with a good book? Glass of wine? The Interwebs? I like the Interwebs myself. (Shocking, I know!)

So today having had its low moments, I needed a little something to cheer me up so I visited a kewl little Flickr gallery that was recently showcased in Wired Mag. Photographer Nick Drummond took a really amazing series of photos portraying an At-At as a pet. They are beautiful, emotional and truly incredible.

[Note: the pic in this article is not one from the collection. It's one from my recent trip to Disney Hollywood Studios ;]

Check them out on ATilla's own website or on Nick's Flickr account. And if you like them, he's actually selling prints now! :)

Have you found anything this fun anywhere? Add a link to the comments section!

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