Help for high tech employees in Ottawa

pink slipHubby came home the other night from a community association meeting and mentioned that one of the members is helping out laid-off high tech workers in Ottawa with a really great initiative.

Having been a laid-off high tech worker 5 times, thank you very much, the idea really intrigued me. The companies I worked for either went bankrupt, moved or got bought which meant varying levels of severance as we were swept out the doors. However, I was lucky. The longest time I was ever out of work was 10 weeks.

For the not-so-lucky, those long-term employees who were making their careers at one company, CTE Solutions has an initiative, called "Make me Marketable".

How does it work? CTE put up $300,000 (CAD) worth of free training to help 150 unemployed workers upgrade their skills and obtain certifications. One of the companies that laid me off provided career counselling services which were really helpful in managing the stress and developing a job-hunt strategy. That lay-off was much less stressful than the others.

Local radio station CFRA interviewed CTE President Mia Hempey, about the effort. You can listen to the interview on CFRA's website.

It's nice to see local companies helping out local folks. Dontcha think? Have you ever been laid off? Did you get any form of assistance? Leave a comment!

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