Wii... walking?!?

walkerSeriously. This has got to stop. I'm so tired of hearing people tell me how great the Wii Fit is for working out.

OMG! You can totally ski jump with it! Um, no, you can't. See, there's no actual jumping. Just moving from a squat to straight legs quickly.

OMG! You can totally run with it! Um, no, you can't. See, there's no forward propulsion which means you would get your behind kicked if we went for an actual run together.

OMG! You can totally walk with it! Um,... wait. What?

Yup, Wii introduces Personal Trainer: Walking! While this one actually encourages you to go outside and walk, in reality it's a $50 pedometer.

My suggestion: Get a pedometer from your box of Special K, and use a free mapping tool like MapMyRun to log your distance, if you so desire. My goodness, do we really need that many toys to encourage us to work out?

Dontcha think this is getting too far? Have you tried the Wii sports? What do you think: game or actual workout?

(Via AdFreak)

UPDATE: My bad - Sorry it's for the DS, not the Wii. I still think it's an overpriced gimmick. Can't we just walk with shoes?

UPDATE 2: This post seems to be getting some great feedback, wonderful perspectives I hadn't considered. Please check out the comments section and leave your thoughts too. (gawd I love the web)

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