Hybrid planes, anyone?

Green EarthIt's only a matter of time before smart green tech becomes run-of-the-mill. Hopefully in my lifetime. One step forward comes to us from German plane manufacturer Flight Design Gmbh, who has developed a hybrid motor for planes.

According to this article on Wired, the idea is to use the combo of electric and gas motors to provide the horsepower to get up to speed, then rely on the gas motor to coast. The advantage is that the gas motor can be of significantly lower horsepower (115 vs. 160), reducing overall fuel consumption.

Thought the engine is being introduced in the US at the Eaa Airventure Oshkosh, Flight Design Gmbh originally demo-ed the design at a really neat event called e-Flight Expo, part of the Aero aviation conference in Europe back in April. The expo also included hydrogen fuel cell airplanes, so kewl!

What a great step forward! Glad to see that one of the most polluting industries is looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint, and by default that of its users.

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