Running on water: possibly the most insane marathon on earth

Map of North PoleI'm a runner which means that I think that gel shots are a food source, I have a favourite flavour of Gatorade, and I regularly lose my toenails. I've been overheated, nearly frostbitten, almost run over and seriously considered calling home for a ride on several occasions. In other words, there's a certain level of insanity that is inherent to my physical activity.

However, I run around town and in the country, regular race distances up to half marathons. Normal stuff.

Unlike this: the North Pole Marathon. Yep, a 42km jaunt on a frozen expanse of Arctic Ocean. For the low, low price of €11,900. Sounds like the most exciting and terrifying experience. And something tells me that once you do this, no other race will ever compare. Like the adrenaline junkie's penultimate conquest.

Would you do anything like this? The coldest race I ever ran was with a -27 celcius windchill. That was about as cold as I'd like to get. But, if they ever make a reality show about this, I'll be all over it glued to the TV for sure!

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