Lego contest inspires kids to get geeky

LEGO logoI mean, they're playing already, so why not encourage kids to get creative and have a chance to win!? Lego has launched the LEGO Click! Awards, a contest for kids from 6-13, requesting they they submit their inventions for a chance at a $5,000 savings bond.

The kids have to write an essay to answer the following: "If you could invent anything, what would it be? Describe how to use it. How did you get this idea? Why are you excited about it?" The essay length varies based on the entrant's age (150 words for 6-9, 300 words for 10-13) but I know if I asked the Dude those questions, he'd have a lot of trouble abiding by those restrictions :)

As with most kewl contests, it's ONLY open to residents of the US :( Major FAIL for us...

Have you heard of anything fun like this in Canada? If so, leave a comment!

LEGO Magazine... available in Canada
BTW, if you're not already signed up, LEGO has a free magazine for kids. It comes out quarterly and makes the Dude feel very kewl that he gets mags in the mail just like the rest of us. Not to mention it's got stories and all sorts of great building ideas. You can sign up here.

Source: via Wired's GeekDad

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