Ottawa LEGO-maniacs rejoice!

The Dude is taking part in a series of LEGO robotics workshops this Fall. A classmate's mom put it together with a private instructor. The kids get to design their robots on netbooks, then build them using the LEGO. So it means that pretty much every week, the Dude's head explodes.

So if that wasn't enough, the National Museum of Science and Technology is going to be showcasing A LEGO History of Transportation from October 2nd to January 4th.


According to the website, "The exhibition showcases a history of air, land and water transportation, featuring LEGO® replica models, ranging from the Titanic to the Ford Model T to steam trains and spacecraft, all created by Master Builders. A LEGO® discovery area invites visitors young and old to imagine and build new forms of transportation, then test them in action on an interactive race ramp."

The first weekend should be exciting, with a live building of a 3-meter space shuttle -- that the kids can participate in!!! The official unveiling of the finished product is Sunday at 4pm. Looks like a really great event!

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