Timberland CEO bans bottled water

Water bottlesK, so this article is from a month ago, but let's face it... it's still relevant and interesting. At least I think so and this is my blog...

Jeff Swartz had an article on Green Biz last month in which he talked about banning bottled water at Timberland. Turns out that his decision led to needing more glasses which meant a need for more dishwashers and soap... you can see where this is going. Happily these complications did not deter his decision. Timberland is still water bottle free.

You can read his column here.

Has your workplace done anything innovative and green? We have the usual recycling boxes but everyone sort of wonders where the paper and recycling really goes. And there's endless confusion over what we really can put in the blue boxes. But at least people are trying...

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