Your shower is killing you

BacteriaSeriously. According to this article on, there are disgusting, dangerous pathogens living in our shower heads. Especially the plastic ones.

Apparently these lovely little death microbes don't just come down in the water, they are teeny so they even travel in shower mist. Into your lungs. So next time you step into the shower, think about that as you take that first deep breath, and sigh under the warmth raining down on you.

Before you run off to go clean your offending shower head, read the article slowly. That can make them worse. I KNOW! Bleaching a shower head actually made it more disgusting.

Their recommendations? Buy cheap shower heads and change them frequently. Metal ones are better. Um, not exactly green is it? Or take a bath. Not exactly quick, either. So basically, our showers are going to kill us. And I always thought it would be my insanity that would be the end of me.

There's a horror movie in this somewhere. Or at least this.

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