Thanks. No. (Or: Stopping the FWD-happy madness)

You just checked your inbox and it's been flooded with emails from the friend. You know. The one who doesn't have an internal filter. The one who must. forward. everything. The one who wants you to watch this video, check out this link, go to this site... and whose messages are usually ENTIRELY. IN. CAPS. and filled with LOLs and LMAOs and !!!!!! The one who you've considered setting up a rule for but then you might miss an actual social invitation or real email from them and you really do like this person, really. Deep down...

Then along comes The answer to your troubles. Thanks No kindly informs your FWD-happy friend that you appreciate their friendship but loathe their silly FWDs. In a nice, friendly way. It even uses the phrase: "You’re not a bad person, and no one hates you".

The text is completely hilarious although I don't particularly like the email they include at the end (which is an obvious ploy to get themselves marketed virally). I would prefer that they'd included this message on a separate page entirely and just stopped at "Thanks for understanding".

I haven't had to use this yet, but I'm definitely willing -- so, please keep that in mind before you see something really funny, hit Forward and type my name in the To: field. :)

Would you use ThanksNo? Have you seen anything similar? Leave a comment!

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