According to Santa, I'm on the naughty list...

Naughty or Nice?
So we went to the Sympatico holiday site and prepared a video from Santa to the Dude. Grandma did this last year for the Dude and we thought it was really incredible.

Well, this year they've really outdone themselves with a bunch of pre-packaged clips you can select based on what you'd like Santa to say to your little one, and the ability to upload a photo of your child which appears in Santa's special book.

So hubby sent me one too! Turns out that this year, the best part is that Santa can also send one "from your colleague/ wife/ husband/ etc." and say a bunch of really funny things like "you spend too much time on Twitter". Really funny, babe. Really. I can't wait until you open your present this year. Really.

Watch the video I got from my ever-loving hubby. [He's sleeping on the couch for a little while]

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