DoGooder: What if you could choose the type of ads you see online?
You've totally been there: surfing your favourite sites and some stoopid ads are running down the side for things you could absolutely care less about. What if you could choose what kind of ads to see when you surf? Well if you care about green initiatives and social change, you might just be in luck! offers a downloadable plug-in which will hide those pesky ads you hate and replace them with "thoughtful green related initiatives, philanthropic calls for action, and health and wellness ideas instead." And if that doesn't make you feel good, then I hope this will: they will donate 50% of their profits back into green initiatives, charities and non-profit orgs. And if that doesn't make you feel good... well you might just be dead inside.

My only complaint (and I've chatted with their reps about this via Twitter: @dogoodhq), is that they currently don't support Chrome, which is my default browser. They do however support all the major players (FF, IE and even Safari for all you Mac fanboys).

Surprisingly, after several months online, they have fewer than 2000 downloads (which is kinda sad). I hope more people will catch wind of the good work they are doing and spread the word.

I encourage you to download their plug-in and help save the world click-by-click.

(Via SuzeMuse)

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