Green tech for kids: Tio lightswitch teaches kids to conserve energy

First of all, check out Inhabitots! A kewl site full of green products for kids and families. According to their site, "[Inhabitots recognizes] that the birth of a child is a turning point in people’s lives and the impetus for many people to ‘go green’ and really start researching the materials and production involved in all items that closely touch our lives." So, a really great resource in general.

Now what brought me there was this: a light switch intended to teach children the concept of energy conservation in a fun and simple way. [Saw this on Ubergizmo]

Tio Ghost Light Switch

This is just a concept, but a really great one: "Tio shows he is happy and green when household lights have only been on for a short period of time — but the longer the lights are left on, the angrier and redder he becomes". The brilliant part is that it can be understood by kids who are too young to tell time, 'cause it's never too early to start teaching kids about the environment.

Check out some other great green products at Inhabitots:
- Piperoid paper robots (pictured)
- Organic kids' and baby clothes
- Eco furniture for kids' rooms
- and of course, Toys (It is getting close to Xmas!)

If you know of other great green resources, please leave a comment!

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