(Almost) brilliant idea: Vertical wall-mounted alarm clock

Wall alarm clock
So I came across this alarm clock which at first glance, looked silly then simply brilliant: it's wall mounted vertically, so that you can read it while your head is still happily perched upon your pillow. Brilliant!

But then I took a closer look: it's 3 feet away from where I'd be on the bed! And the buttons, esp. the snooze... well they're on the back of the clock! Which means I can't see them when I'm fumbling around still half asleep. That won't do at all!

Oh, and although it looks like the $9.99 alarm I bought from K-Mart when I was in university, it's $129 USD from Generate Design. Really? For a clock that's essentially upside down? Gonna pass on this one... maybe they'll improve the design on the next pass...

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