Bzz Bzz pew pew: Harvard building robot bees

Robobee illustration
So the big brains over at Harvard are apparently building an army of robot bees. And the National Science Foundation just gave them a $10 Million computing grant.

So being of green mind, my first thought was of course environmental. Really? Bees to pollenate flowers since bee colonies are dwindling? Wouldn't it be better to, I don't know... save the bees?

But it turns out that pollenation has absolutely nothing to do with this project. In fact, this research is geared to understanding hive mentality with the hopes of figuring out more about hive networks and adaptive computing. Which is still really kewl.

They're also working with such a small medium, that they hope to make advances in miniature robotics. Which of course means that this was actually funded by the government in the hopes of advancing spy bugs for warfare (just kidding. ;)

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, no the robobees don't sting nor do they inject you with mind-control serum... yet ;)

It always amazes me what the big brains are working on.

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