Geolocation for your errands

Hubby found this really kewl app the other day, which is rather ingenious. It's called GPS ToDo List and it is super simple. Enter your to do list. Enter a GPS coordinate for each/some of the items. When you get near the location(s) specified, an alert reminds you that you have something to do there. Simple. Brilliant. Useful.

This would be really useful if we had a GPS in our car. But since the only GPS we have is in hubby`s Blackberry, it's more useful for geocaching than this... I do think that I would use something like this a lot, though. I'm notorious for making lists of things to do/ pick up, and then they stay in my bag so I drive right by the store and find my handy-dandy list when I walk in the door...

Killer app? What do you think?

Love it? It's available at the Apple iStore.

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