15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

Mmmm, coffee. Lovely yummy coffee. It's a recurring theme on my blog and in my Tweets. I'm a total Starbucks fangirl -- I've even talked before about the benefits of having a Starbucks card. Recently, I just had to share the Caffeine poster.

And in the same vein, here's a fun, short article from The Oatmeal, called 15-ish Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.

Some of the interesting facts contained:
  • The effects of coffee were first noticed when Ethiopian shepherds saw their goats dancing around after eating coffee cherries.
  • Coffee grows on trees that can grow up to 30 feet tall. They are cultivated to be 10 feet tall for convenience.
  • Coffee beans pop when roasted.
Check out the article for more fun facts. I need to go make a latte.

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