Bill Gates just proved that he's better than you

at marketing, pr, something. I mean, the man's account has been on Twitter for 8 hours so far and he's reached more followers than you and I would ever know what to do with... 100,000 followers is all in a day's work for the machine that is his PR, I guess...

Tin Foil Hat Tanya says: I didn't jump on the "Let's follow Bill" bandwagon because I don't like to follow people with large numbers of followers. Unless tweeting is their full-time gig, their tweets often become one-way, not social -- as the medium would like us to believe they should be. At this point, I don't necessarily believe that THE MAN himself will be tweeting all the time, or that he will be sitting at his desk conversing/ Retweeting URLs. "Kewl! Ordering one now! RT @ThinkGeek New caffeine molecule shirt available in red!" Yeah, don't think so!

Anywho, check out the image below to see just how much more popular Bill Gates is than you. And yes, that DOES make him better than you. ;)

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