Greener Gadgets: A Conference for Green Geeks

Turbine Light
The beautiful green and white website of the Greener Gadgets conference. It's like a green geek homing beacon. {sigh}

According to the website: "For three years, the Greener Gadgets Conference has explored sustainable alternatives for the electronics we use in our homes and workplace every day. It has served as a forum for discussing green technology solutions for communication, poverty and education across the globe. Examining eco-friendly products and energy efficient gear, the conference shows off the best concepts that will inspire us all to be greener citizens."

Plenty of speakers talking about sustainability and our favourite topic: gadgets! The schedule even includes a fun-sounding feature called "Sustainable Show-off" where companies give brief overviews of their wares. Wonder if people in the audience are tempted to yell out bids for the super kewl ones...

But my favourite feature is definitely the greener design competition. You need to check these out! I particularly love Corky - a self-charging cork mouse, and pictured above, the stunningly eco-friendly Turbine Light. Check out the entries and vote for your favourite. Our votes determine the finalists.

I want to be in New York on February 25th! That's so not going to happen, so I'm going to have to placate myself with videos from last year's event.

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