It's Back! Doodle for Google Competition for Kids

Last year, I introduced you to Google's "Doodle for Google" competition. Well, it's back for another year!

According to the Doodle for Google site: "Gather those art supplies and some 8.5" x 11" paper and encourage your students to enrich us all with their creative visions for what they would do in the world, if they could do anything."

The panel of judges consists of illustrators, cartoonists and animators from organizations like The Sesame Street Workshop, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, The Charles Shulz/Peanuts Museum and Pixar Animation Studios. The top 40 finalists attend an awards ceremony.

This year's registration runs until March 17, 2010, with entries due by March 31st. The winning entry will be on Google's homepage May 27th. See the Doodle for Google site for more, or check out the announcement on the Google Blog.

A message for Google
Now, Google, this contest is ONLY open to U.S. residents. Would it really be so difficult to have a Canadian version? I just attended the Google for Gov conference where I was assured that 75% of Canadians are wired and spend more time per capita online than most countries. Why not have this contest for our Canadian kids? You know, those future adword buyers? ;)

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