Kewl way to scan online news: Google fast flip

Fast Flip
Have you tried Google FastFlip yet? It's a breezy way to check out the front pages of countless media sites all one a single screen.

You can search by topic, recommended options, most viewed, etc. The list of sites is impressive (see it here) including everything from Bloomberg to TechCrunch to Cosmo Girl.

It's a bit reminiscent of the New York Times article skimmer.

Google recently made Fast Flip accessible on the US Google News pages (see Google blog post for more) or scroll to the bottom of the US Google News page.

Looking forward to this being added to Canada's Google News. Hey, Google, it's not like you're busy, can you get on that?

I actually really like this when I'm strapped for time. The danger of course is just relying on headlines to get your news, but hopefully we're all smarter than that :)

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