Why are bloggers male? Umm, we're NOT.

Girl Blogger
If you missed it earlier today, Margaret Wente posted - I'm sorry published - an article in Globe and Mail entitled Why are bloggers male?


We're not.

And for the record, the female blogger contingent is rather large. Just ask all the fans of BlogHer.

Well, in what is an interesting turn (or not), Globe and Mail is allowing Femme-bloggers to have their say. On Friday, G&M is hosting an online discussion - or possibly an MMA event - entitled Women Bloggers Take on Margaret Wente.

Though some wonderful ladies I follow and enjoy reading will partake in tomorrow's G&M gab-fest, I'll be skipping it. Because now the question is: was this all a ruse? Is this some sort of BS piece to make us talk? Or is Margaret Wente so disconnected from the Interwebs that she actually thought most bloggers were boys? And now she can invite her detractors to an online discussion and with a nudge & wink convince us that, of course, she knows better and really she was giving us some girlfriend sisterhood forum to voice our opinions?

Well thank you Ms. Wente, but we already had one.

Our blogs.

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