Buddy, can you spare some time? National Volunteer Week 2010

It’s National Volunteer Week! Have you hugged a volunteer today?

I am a huge fan of volunteering. My parents instilled that into us from a very young age. (Check out my guest post over at DoGoodHQ for more.) I have been fortunate enough to work for several organizations who supported volunteer days, whether organized at a corporate level, or as a “free day” we could take at our convenience.

Serendipity led to me joining forces with an NGO that needed a website overhaul, and more importantly an overall content and information architecture strategy… my speciality. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with some incredibly giving and intelligent people. And, given that it's the same thing I do at work, it leads me to some creative ideas and innovative approaches for my day job. Win-win if I ever heard one.

National Volunteer Week presents a great opportunity to get involved and use our powers for good. It’s also a great opportunity to teach our kids about volunteering. Let’s not squander it.

Still need some convincing? Watch this.

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