PIXELS: 80s video games take over NYC (video)

This awesome video shows 80s video game characters taking over Manhattan produced by One More Production. It's amazingly done. Even though the actual animation style is nothing incredibly new, the implementation is quite stunning. Not to mention the cheekiness of it all. I absolutely love this, especially the Tetris blocks filling in the skyscrapers :)

Now, here I thought I was offering up something unique, but it looks like since it was posted on the 8th (when I originally saw it), this video has garnered more than a million views. Wow, in three days! That's faster than the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody (which took a few days longer).

So if you've been offline since Thursday, this might be new to you. Either way, it's all kinds of awesome and deserves to be watched again and again.

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