Will it blend? iPad edition

I love that the crazies over at Blendtec got their hot little hands on an iPad and put it up against their blender from hell for their Will it Blend? segment. Of course, first they had to make it fit. Love this so so much. After this, I might need to add a new category on my blog called "Bwahahahahahaha" ;)

[Oh, and if you need one of those psychotic blenders, you can actually buy them on their site. Will It Blend? is a crazy segment where they destroy electronics in their blenders to show how amazingly powerful they really are...]


UPDATE: The smarties over at BlendTec came up with a great give-away based on the overwhelming success of this video and all of the polarized reactions (from "oh the horror!" to "bwahahahahaha"). They have a contest for a BlendTec blender and -- so love this -- a brand new iPad or... the iPad remains from this video. Check it out! Now the big question is: Which would you choose? ;)

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