Happy Mother's Day: Treats for the Geek Moms

Some geeky happiness for us Moms:

First of all, some flowers: Flowers Fields as Seen by NASA Satellite or get her one that won't die - the Sega iSmile Flower (pictured right).

Second, some coffee: A reminder that Starbucks has Frappucino happy hour daily from May 7-16 between 3:00-5:00 pm.

Third, some R&R: Iron Man 2 is in theatres! Go now! Wondering whether to bring the kids? Check out GeekDad's movie review.

Fourth, a new toy. It's always time for a new gadget. After years with a pretty basic cel phone, I finally treated myself to the Motorola Milestone. (For you US readers: it's the Motorola Droid) It's running a close third to hubby and the Dude in monopolizing my time and affections. :)

And finally, some Star Wars-based goodness: A Light-Saber Duel by Concrete Hustle.

Enjoy, geek moms. And if you did anything geeky on Mother's Day, let us know - leave a comment!

(Video via Wakooz)

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