Update on CBC Spark interview: it's up!!!

May 25:
So, if you were listening, you'll know that spydergrrl wasn't on CBC Spark this weekend. The "Moms & Tech" I blogged about earlier this week piece didn't make it to air this weekend. The show was a good one, though, with an intensive piece on Facebook's recent privacy changes. My guess is that's what bumped us off the episode. Oh, well, hopefully we'll be there next week!

Meantime, check out the Spark blog to subscribe to the podcast or catch the ongoing commentary on "Are Moms Stupid?

UPDATE June 5: It's here!!
Take a listen!

Here's the Moms & Tech segment:

For the whole podcast go to the CBC Spark website. (Seriously, it's a great show, go for it!)

Take a listen, and leave a comment: do you agree with the piece?

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