Kewl Design Alert: Tactile Flash Cards

Saw a tweet from @davemcclure pointing to a blog post by Tara the Tiger about one of the kewlest designs I've ever seen for educational purposes.

Some Korean designers came up with a series of Flash cards that feature tactile components on the front and back. They come in sets based on themes like Zoo, Forest, Beach. Featured here at right, the cards a quite plain in the front featuring simple words and definitions in blocky black text and braille.

No big deal, these have been around for ages. No, it's the back of the cards that amazes me.

Flip the cards over and they have a relief on them that represents the tactile experience of the item defined on the front. For example, for the forest series, the back of the cards could have textures representing tree bark, moss, etc. The idea is to "stimulate [visually impaired kids] for outdoor activities" (according to a more detailed article on Design Boom.

You know who else would love these? Kids with autism. And boys. And other kids who likes to do and touch in order to learn.

Yeah, pretty much all kids.

See any other really kewl learning resources? Leave a comment!

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