Geek Girl Ink: Not just another pretty flower

So hubby and I decided (for reasons I won’t get into here) that we needed to mark our 12th wedding anniversary in a timeless fashion, with something that would mark the year for us and serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come. We wanted to do something personal, significant and different. So we chose to get our first tattoos. Nothing says love like a little shared pain.

Now don’t worry, we didn’t do anything cute like pick matching ones. No, it was enough for us to be going through the experience together. And by together, I don’t mean at the actual same time, so we could look across the room longingly at each other. I said, 12 years, not 12 days. No we wanted to get our appointments in close proximity to one another and select designs that were meaningful to ourselves and to each other. No matching allowed.

Hubby wanted something tribal. Something funky. Something kewl. Since his birthday is in November, he decided to research scorpion tattoos and came up with this piece of pure awesome:

I completely love this.

[Oh and just for the record, all you maritimers, that’s NOT a lobster.] But I think it’s funny that only maritimers asked me that when I posted a pic on Twitter. Now I keep asking hubby if I can pet his lobster. Which usually gets me a “shut up” or if I ask too often, a “F*ck Off”. But usually with a smile. See? There’s LOVE there.

As for me, I originally came up with an idea to get a tribal runner girl on my leg but it just didn’t work out. Too cartoony. So I decided to come up with a really pretty geek girl tattoo. Something pretty and soft but with an element of geek. And did I mention pretty?

Well it took weeks, but the I found this picture:

Gorgeous, right? And the whole idea came to me.

To me, the dahlia represents order and symmetry. Organization, process, logic, math. Definitely geek-worthy. But some of the petals in this image have broken or rough edges, which introduces an element of chaos. Because nothing is perfect, even in nature. And especially on the web. (Just ask my staff about my “80/20 rule, people”.)

The I decided to add a small spyder (for obvious reasons). [BTW, for anyone who isn’t sure why I have the nickname spydergrrl, it’s “’cause I do web stuff”. All together now, “ooooooh”.] So the spyder on the tattoo represents me, the web and basically the fact that I spend my a good part of my life online.

I had the piece done in black and white because I wanted it to look like realistic and incredibly soft. And pretty. Did I mention pretty?

I’m pretty jazzed about the final product. I think the artist did an amazing job.

As for placement, it’s on my forearm because I wanted if I was going to suffer through the act of getting the tattoo, I want to benefit from the result. (Unlike hubby who has to basically contort himself to see the back of his calf. Granted, that provides hours of free entertainment.) Not to mention that I am a geek grrl and I am proud of it. [But it’s still high enough that I can hide it under sleeve if I need to ;] Most of the time it will be exposed. You know me, embracing my geekiness at every chance I get.

Info about our artists
If you’re interested in getting some ink, we both went to Ventura Blvd Tattoo in Barrhaven. Hubby went to high school with the owner, Paul (who is one of the sweetest people I ever met). Hubby’s artist was Scott McCauley (whose speciality is tribal) and mine was Richard Morisette whose speciality is black and white realism.

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