Is your blog worth the effort? Watch this.

If you have a blog or website, you've probably at some time questioned the value of managing it and creating more content. What if I just pulled the plug? Would anyone notice? Is it worth the effort? You might be doubting yourself for a variety of reasons: unsure of your ability to engage, low stats, no comments... and you have to make the call whether keep plodding on or pull the plug.

Andrea Ross gave a short talk entitled "Contested Irrelevance" at Podcasters Across Borders, in which she explained how she and her husband, Mark Blevis, came to the decision to end their podcast, Just One More Book. What they didn't know was their reach. And only after their stopped podcasting did they learn of their impact online. (You might remember reading about Andrea and Mark in an earlier post I wrote about their very "out there" cancer blog.)

Andrea's delivery is at the same time understated and uplifting, and most definitely inspiring. The next time you're having a moment of doubt as to your impact, the next time you ask yourself, "Is anyone listening? Does anyone read this?", watch Andrea's talk and remember why you do this. I'll bet you can't come away and NOT be incredibly motivated to go post something :)

(Source: Mark Blevis)

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