Kewl design alert: Geeky business card concept

I used to work in high tech where people had weird job titles. Mine was even "spydergrrl" for a while - not officially, but I used it on all my emails, docs, etc. and my boss didn't mind. [Don't judge me -- it was trendy in our industry. ;]

High tech/ e-marketing business cards are often funky and weird. Going to a trade show, half of the swag was funky business cards we used to put up in our cubes for inspiration.

Well, today a little tweet came by from @TechZader:

Intriguing. I mean, it contained the words GEEK and DESIGN. It might as well have said: SPYDERGRRL!! CLICK HERE!

Anywho, clicking was sooo worth it. Absolute geeky perfection. The Next Web asks, would recipients understand it? My answer is: who cares? It's pure. geeky. awesomesauce.

Here's the proposed design by

What do you think? Would you/ your clients understand it? Have you found other geeky business cards?

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