Kewl design alert: Gum Drop - The smartest use of gum. Ever.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you that if you swallowed your chewing gum, it would stay in your gut for 7 years? And never break down? And so you promptly swallowed your gum, sure that you would remember to check for its passing 7 years from then? (Ok, maybe that last part was just me)

Anyway, gum is one of those substances that definitely does nothing to help along the green movement. Everywhere you look, there are black spots on the sidewalk and streets, where chewed up pieces of edible (?) rubber have been spit out and collected dirt and germs over the days/ months/ years. Garbage containers are everywhere but somehow gum always often ends up on the street.

Anna Bullus of the UK thought outside the bubble. She looked at gum and figured out that she could do something with it. The used gum. In fact, she created a way to sanitize it and re-use it to make containers. Containers to be put all around cities. Gum disposal units. And once they are full, she would process the container and its contents and make new containers! From every full receptacle, 3 more are produced!




I love this! Right now, Ms. Ballus is running trials. Check out her site for more info: Gum Drop.

[It's an unfortunate flash site, but we'll forgive her since her idea is so kewl.]

(Source: CBC Spark Podcast)

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