LEGO Mindstorms + Rainy Day = Pure Awesome

Recipe for an Fun Rainy Afternoon:
  • Take one 7 year-old enthusiasm
  • Add one part time with Dad
  • Combine with one part LEGO Mindstorms NXT
  • Mix in one set of instructions found online
  • Hold telling mom what you're building (Don't look! It's a secret!")
  • Stir for an hour or so
  • Toss in a sprinkling of giggles
  • Enjoy the pure awesomesauce of a new creation!
Total time: One rainy day

Pictured: Self-propelled LEGO Mindstorms Segway that balances and moves independently, without a remote (uses an infrared).

Not pictured: The Dude spending the afternoon testing out the Segway on various floor types and yelling, "Kewl! Kewl!" over and over, much to our delight. :)

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