More dork fun than geek fun: Imaginary Anniversary Gifts

So this week was our 12th anniversary and as you may have already seen, hubby and I gave each other these.

We were supposed to also go to Parc Lafleche to do a little zip lining, but my mystery illness had me out of commission all week and our anniversary day went by pretty much unnoticed.

I was finally all better yesterday. We decided to make the Dude part of our festivities, and go out for sushi last night. Since there was wait time between servings, we started a little game based on the idea that if money was no object, what would this anniversary look like? As you can tell from the ensuing Tweet stream, it took on a life of it's own...
  • Doing imaginary anniversary gifts. From the Dude: our own amusement park in backyard called "AnniversaryLand". #fakegiftsrock
  • I've given the family a private learjet complete with pilot to get us to our families wwhenever we feel like it. #fakeanniversarygifts
  • Hubby really outdid himself, tho: a private Carribbean island where there are no hurricanes ever. He's so amazing. #Fakeanniversarygifts
  • Now we're bk fr amazing ard-the-world cruise we took over dinner w/ stops in Europe, Africa, Austr., Hawaii & Alaska. #fakeanniversarygifts
  • Going out for a real walk around the block though. Nothing fake about that. :)
  • Yep, that walk burned off all the sushi we gorged ourselves with earlier. In fact, we lost 5lbs between us. #Fakeanniversarygifts
The cruise scenario made for great story-telling and make-believe. The Dude even told us some sobering things he'd learned from his teacher about Africa and asked some questions, so we had a side-trip discussion about famine. Then we continued on our trip.

It was a lot of fun to hear the Dude describe what rides he would build in our amusement park, Anniversaryland. And everyone describing the sights we were taking in on the cruise. It wasn't the most extravagant anniversary by any means, but I have to admit that the discussion was a lot of fun and whenever the energy waned at the table, we just moved port! LOL

As I mentioned to @bitofmomsense who commented on our tweets, "one thing's for sure: our bank account's got nothing on our imaginations."

Do your kids like this kind of storytelling activity? Have you done anything similar?

BTW, I asked the Dude what he enjoyed the most, and he said his gift was the keeeewwwwwwlest. So modest, that one.

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