Stalking? There's an app for that

You've inevitably seen the slew of "There's an app for that" ads by Apple. If not, Google it.

Well, over at AdamThinks, they have their own view of what people can/might do with all those apps. And admit it, we've all had the same fears about social media at some point. Especially in light of apps like Recognizr that enable mobile phone users to use facial recognition to locate info about a person on the web.

Consider a scenario: someone is at a {insert any location here} and they see a cute {insert gender here} person. They snap a pic in the person's general direction, then run Recognizr to find matching pics online. Suddenly there's access to their LinkedIn profile, their public info on social networks, their friends on Facebook. Stranger walks over and says, "{Name}! Remember me? I'm a friend of {friend's name - who stalker absolutely does NOT know}! We met at {party from which pics were posted online - which stalker NEVER attended}."


So keep your guard up, and with that in mind... go scrub yourself off the web, but first check out this quite chilling funny look at mobile apps.

(Source: BitRebels via @adamsconsulting)

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