The Story of Stuff: Cosmetics Version

Have you ever watched the Story of Stuff? It all started with a single, incredibly well designed video demonstrating the product creation and consumption cycle. If you even want to see where all the stuff in the stores comes from and where it ends up when we're done with it, spend the 20 minutes and watch the story of stuff. It's incredibly interesting. And for the designers out there, it's ingeniously designed to be simple, interesting and easy to understand. Usability at its best.

Recently, I saw that ecochick had posted a new Story of Stuff video about cosmetics. This really interested me, because I'm paranoid interested in knowing what I put on and into my body.

In fact, I used to dye my hair in a rainbow of fruit flavours regularly and a couple of years ago stopped after I thoroughly read and researched the ingredients. I discovered that my fave colour (black) was the most dangerous one out there, chock full of carcinogens. Since then, all the dye has grown out and some white has worked its way in. But since I have such a young face and voice, I find that it helps me look a bit closer to my age.

Anywho, I urge you to watch this video and check out what's in all the stuff we put on ourselves each and every day:

Have these types of promotional/truth campaigns convinced you to change your ways? Pure paranoia? Leave a comment!

(Source: ecochick: The Story of Stuff)

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